And that Fraser doesn’t know what a hermetic seal is.

That too, yeah.



I think a bird fell in the snow and then walked away. I think.




I think a bird fell in the snow and then walked away. I think.


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My math teacher called me average.

How mean.

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Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness it would still be dear.
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There are things that I failed on my kindergarten end of the year life skills test that I still can’t reliably do. But that doesn’t mean it makes sense for me to practice tying shoes all day everyday until it’s easy (what if it never is????). Ballet flats are way cuter anyway.

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There’s this buzzfeed “which female superhero are you” quiz and it all seems pretty cool until you see people posting their results:

I like taking silly quizzes and I took this, and the actual page where you get your results has a full picture of the character, but this is what happens if you post your results on facebook.

Apparently they can’t die no matter what and if they don’t kill people they become like super demon things that just kill everyone so now he has to be a vigilante vampire and just kill bad people. I guess that’s kind of the best thing to do in this case. That’s an interesting turn of events.



Tiny humans teasing and roughhousing with big scary monsters because they trust them enough to know they wouldn’t ever hurt them

Big scary monsters just letting it happen until they start carefully teasing and roughhousing back

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So now he’s killed his friend and he’s getting shot at by interpol and yelling “STOP SHOOTING AT ME!” and burning because he’s in the sun and then he almost runs into some woman and he takes the time to be like “Sorry!” Did I mention he’s Canadian? They mentioned that a couple times and showed him wearing like two Canada themed T-shirts too. This movie is so goofy, but unfortunately it doesn’t know that.



:Please check this project out!!

Bettersupes is an art project by eyeburst where they draw superheros based on outfits and ideas put together by little girls.  It’s such a cool project, please go show them some love. Girls Rock! 

I normally don’t reblog comic stuff, but little girls making their own awesome super alter egos will always be an exception.

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